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Farm succession and family planning

I Want To Sell My Business, Where Do I Start?

Learn the steps in selling your business and how to get the most value.

Building trust online

How to Build Trust with Customers Online

How do you build trust with your consumers when you can’t connect in person?

Brand Positioning target audience

Using Brand Positioning to Reach Your Target Audience

What is brand positioning? Find out how it can help you reach your target audience.

Applicant tracking systems

How to Find the Right Talent: Applicant Tracking System

Using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in your small to medium sized business can help improve your recruitment strategy and build a strong talent pool.

Team collaboration

Attracting the Right Talent to Grow Your Business

Learn about attracting the right talent for your team, and how to identify the right candidate.

Life science company planning brand strategy

Why Your Life Science Company Needs a Brand Strategy

Learn the top eight reasons why your life science company needs a brand strategy.

Farm succession and family planning

Changing Employee Expectations

Learn how employee's expectations have changed, and why adapting to these changes will help lead to higher job satisfaction and a stronger company culture. 

empowering your employees

Empowering Employees

Over the last year, most employers have found that COVID-19 pandemic has forced them to adapt in new ways, one of which is having a sharp rise in employees working remotely.

Overwhelmed Employess in Life Sciences

Encouraging Employee Wellness

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that the world does business. Whether your team is working remotely or is essential and is still working from the workplace, everyone’s work environment has changed.

Encouraging Professional Development

Growing Your Team: Encouraging Professional Development in Life Sciences

Professional development should play an important role in any business, but is a key component of the life sciences sector.

Lms For small businesses

Why Small Businesses Need A Learning Management System

 As businesses compete to attract and retain today’s knowledge employees, they must provide continuous learning and development programs in order to ensure employees successfully fulfill the roles and responsibilities of their jobs and help meet business goals.

how to grow the value of a business

Selling a Business: How Can I Grow the Value of my Business

Whether you are growing your business or undertaking succession planning, most successful entrepreneurs want to maximize the value of their business.

home office, building culture

Building Culture with Remote Work

In the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how companies manage their day-to-day operations, the biggest change for many companies is the change in work environment.

Financial Strategy for selling your business tips.

Digital Transformation
in Construction Services

  Digital transformations have been adopted rapidly as of late, with some of the clearest sectors being areas like financial services.

Financial Strategy for selling your business tips.

3 Tips for a Financial Strategy to Sell Your Business

Business owners make years(decades, really) of sacrifices and take significant risks to grow and build a successful company.

team with a strong company culture.

How to Build a Strong Organizational Culture

If there was one word to describe your organizational culture what would it be? Connected? Motivating? Progressive? Innovative? Or is it more Siloed? Toxic? Outdated? And Stressful?

Helping businesses go digital

Going Digital: Move Your Business Online

The recent headlines and fanfare surrounding digital transformation is hard not to notice in your newsfeed.

Succession planning with BluPrint CPAs

Succession Planning with BluePrint CPAs

BluePrint CPAs helps business owners in Chatham, Windsor, London and Sarnia for comprehensive succession planning.

Grow your business digitally

Preparing Your Business: For a Digital Transformation

BluePrint CPAs helps growth businesses in Windsor, Chatham, Sarnia and London with digital transformation of their business.

Small business tips for surviving COVID

Small Businesses: 5 Survival Tips for the COVID-19 Crisis

5 practical business tips to get through COVID-19 changes in Chatham-Kent, Sarnia, Windsor and London, Ontario.

Absenteeism during the pandemic

Absenteeism In the Workplace During COVID-19

Absenteeism in the workplace during COVID-19 is a hot topic. Small business owners in Windsor, Chatham, Sarnia and London should consider the implication.

Covid-19 Workplace policies for at home employees

Remote Work: Policies for the Pandemic

Return to work policies are important to communicate and manage expectations with employees.

New wage subsidy CEWS rules

New Wage Subsidy: CEWS Rules

New CEWS rules for wage subsidy are highly complicated but offer an opportunity to finance smart digital investments in your business.

Helpful tips and information to digitally transform your business

Growth Mindset: Hacks for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation requires a growth mindset. We help entrepreneurs in Windsor, Chatham-Kent, Sarnia and London develop the growth mindset they need to lead a digital transformation.

Retirement planning for business succession

Retirement Planning: An Essential Pillar of Business Succession

BluePrint CPAs helps business owners in Sarnia, London, Chatham and Windsor with retirement planning as one part of our comprehensive approach to succession management.

Leadership development is involved with succession planning

Succession Planning: Leadership Development is Key To Success

BluePrint CPAs assists business owners and entrepreneurs in Chatham, Sarnia, Windsor and London with succession planning.

Websites are critical to your business strategy

Websites: They're Critical to your Business Strategy

BluePrint CPAs helps entrepreneurs in Chatham-Kent, Windsor-Essex, Sarnia and London that are looking to modernize their businesses.

Plan and strategize for tax and cashflow

Tax Strategies: Improve Cashflow in 2020 and Beyond

Minimize your tax rate, sell your business tax-free, split income among family members and protect your wealth from the government.

Farm succession and family planning

Farm Succession Planning: Keep it in the Family

Farm succession planning is critical to develop farm leaders, minimize taxes and avoid an unnecessary farm sale.

Growing the value of your business

Valuation Multiples: How Can I Grow the Value of My Business?

Find out how you can grow the value of your business.